Tuesday, April 15, 2014

11 Days Of Paper Chain Fun!

It's been 10 days or so, since I've put out the interactive, disney countdown, paper chain. The kids have had to wait until everyone is home, together, to be able to tear a link off, so it's typically around 4:00 pm, the soonest possible time, that we gather to do this.  
Big brother reads the links to his siblings, since they do not know how to read yet.
Before we started, Jax had an idea to draw names, to see who would get to go first.  We have followed that order since. Jax, Lilah, Ty
Day 1 - Have Mickey Mouse Pancakes For Breakfast
 Day 2 - Who Are You Most Excited To Meet At Disney?
Tyson said Peter Pan
Jax said Goofy
Lilah said Elsa
Day 3 - Color A Disney Picture
Lilah colored Olaf.
Jax colored Disney Planes.
Ty colored Turbo.
Together, working so quietly.  I love these times!
Day 4 - Blank
Day 5 - Bounce Around The Room Like Tigger

Day 6 - Wear Your Favorite Disney PJs
It killed me to pull the tags off of a few of their new pjs.  I was saving them for Disney, but they all wanted to wear Mickey and Minnie jammies. They were so happy to be sporting their new bed time attire.
Day 7 - Talk About What Would Happen If You Get Lost In Disney.
It's EVERY parent's worst nightmare!!!! Especially in a theme park as big as Disney!!! So, how important is it to talk about it with your children?  VERY!  Don't be in denial that it couldn't happen to you.
I knew,  in advance, that we were going to talk, as a family, about what to do if someone got lost in Disney.  So, I decided it would be a good idea to make the conversation a little more engaging, by making phone number bracelets.  Finding the number beads was next to impossible.  I could NOT find them locally and if I bought them on ebay or amazon, I had to buy over 500 of them.  I contacted a seller on ETSY, Stargazingly. Fortunately, she was willing to let me purchase our phone number, 3 times and (3) Mickey Mouse charms. The kids got to work designing their bracelets.  I relinquished control and allowed them to choose the color patterns they wanted.  
Lilah chose pink, white, and blue.
Jax chose red and yellow.
Ty chose brown and yellow. This color pattern was a hard one to let go of.  Not the prettiest color combination. Lol!  Does it really matter? NO!!! I keep telling myself that over and over.  "It does not matter!"  LOL!  Why my?
This activity came at a good time because the kids' new hobby is making bead bracelets for fun.
Tada!  Now if the kids get lost, they can find the closest "cast member" and call "home".  They know their phone number, by heart, but my fear is, in the midst of an emergency, they will panic and forget it.
Day 8 - Watch Your Favorite Disney Movie
We have been getting caught up on Disney movies that we haven't seen in a long time or even worse, haven't seen at all. The kids chose to watch Peter Pan on Day 8. We have also watched Lilo and Stitch, Beauty and The Beast, and Mary Poppins. It would be awful to meet a set of characters and have never seen the movie.
Day 9 - Sing Your Favorite Disney Tune
This activity was by far my favorite to witness.  Each of my kiddos chose a favorite Disney song, sang it proudly, and danced to it.  Lilah chose "Let It Go" (does that surprise you?) and "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?".  She's a performer and couldn't choose just one. LOL!  Tyson chose, "Happy", from the movie Despicable Me.  Jax chose "I'll Make A Man Out Of You!" from the movie Mulan.  I am so sorry I do NOT have the videos for you to watch.  I recorded the kids on Ty's tablet and it was giving me a very difficult time uploading them to youtube, so we had to delete the videos.  The kids keep asking me when they can re-do their videos, so as soon as they do, I promise to post them.  
Day 10 - Blank
Day 11 - Blank
We still have 8 more paper links to tear off before our trip. I will share the rest of our fun with you before we leave. This has been a wonderful way to count down the days until our dream vacation.