Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jax's 5th Great Wolf Lodge Party!

Jax and Cohen patiently counted down the days, of the Great Wolf Lodge party, by using the paper chain that I included in their invitation. The day FINALLY arrived, hooray!!!! Ashely and I prepared for our trip a ton. What should we pack? Who will bring what snacks? Ashely  was going to create "travel gift bags!" (and boy were they cute and over the top). I was going to create "swimming gift bags" and "over night gift bags!" Where should we eat? When would we fit our shopping in? What stores would we shop at? Etc., etc., etc. The list was endless, but we did everything, as desired/planned, into our less than 36 hour trip. Ashely and I literally are like "two peas in a pod", when it comes to our ability to stay on task/be on time. We had our trip down to a literal science and we were always ahead of the game, not late, not on time, but EARLY. We even got up, in the early a.m., and studied the word of God, as best as we could, with two boys constantly interrupting us.

I am posting a few of my favorite photos from the trip, but feel free to double click on the photo album and youtube videos below, to get the FULL scope of our trip/fun/memories that will last a lifetime.

When I checked into the lodge, Ashely said that about 3 families came up to our van and commented on the graffiti messages written on the van's windows. They also asked her if they could take a picture of our van.  LOL!
What they've been waiting for for almost 30 days! 
Ashely takes a picture of me, taking a picture of her.  LOL!
Jax and Cohen meet Wiley!
After story time, at the Clock Tower, the boys in their McQueen Pjs, played their mommies PINK iPhones.

Just chillin!
Down the waterside Jax goes! So brave.
Goodbye Great Wolf Lodge!!!