Saturday, February 8, 2014

"Valentine, YODA BEST!"

My children have so many different times that they have to exchange Valentine's with friends or classmates.  School, preschool, church, ballet, and possibly small group.  Just like a Halloween costume, I'd hate for the kids to be sick of passing out their Valentine's, so I decided to do several different projects, adding variety to their dispersals.  YES, they are giving out the paper, traditional Valentine cards, but I love unique Valentine's too AND OF COURSE, I always look for an excuse to get crafty.
One of my online "besties" is Jill Dubien at
Her and I were exchanging emails about our Valentine ideas and this idea was created for her son, who loves Star Wars.  I thought it was adorable, but my boys aren't really interested in Star Wars, unless their playing a star wars video game. I wound up doing this project anyway though, weeks later, after Jill completed this project.  I will use it as an "extra" Valentine for Tyson and for Jax's Valentine at Church and possible school. 
All you need is the printable, the glow sticks, an exacto knife, and some tape!
Jill was so kind to edit her pdf file and add my boys names to the printable.
Put a slit in the printable!
Insert glow stick!
 Tape the back of the glow stick, to the printable, so the stick doesn't fall out.
The only frustrating thing about this Valentine project is that if you are not careful, you wind up bending the glow stick. I think I wasted about 7 glow sticks during assembly.  Thankfully, I bought 40.
A special shout out to Jill for her imagination and willingness to share. And for the record, my boys saw me working on this tonight and they LOVED it.