Sunday, February 9, 2014

"I Really Dig You!"

Valentine Project #3 out of #8.
"I REALLY dig you!"

Items Needed:
Beach Shovels
Cellophane Bags

I purchased the white plastic shovels weeks ago from an online party store called M&N Party Store. Each shovel was about .59 cents.
I chose to use sweet tart HEARTS because they were colorful and matched the tags!
Just playing around with the camera and the candy! 
Stuff it, fill it, and tie it with a bow.
The end result!
I chose tags off of ETSY that contained the color blue because Lilah loves blue! Convo me if you are interested in the tag.  I paid for it, so I don't mind sharing it with you.  
Again, I don't over due it with candy since the kids get inundated with candy, on Valentine's day.  Each child is getting 2 of each color candy heart (amounts to 10 pieces aka a serving size in my opinion).  I used "Pretzel Bags", from A.C. Moore, because the shovel fit perfectly in there without excess baggage to hide. I couldn't find the link on A.C. Moore's sight, but these bags are the exact same ones.  Make sure you get the larger width bag.  The pretzel bags come in two different sizes.
 I think Lilah's classmates and church friends will LOVE this!