Saturday, February 8, 2014

"You Are One HOT TAMALE!"

I absolutely [heart] Valentine's Day!  Every thing about it!  I have at least 9 projects I am trying to complete before Friday.  Eeeeek! And that is NOT even including hosting small group, baking for classroom parties, and preparing something special for my handsome, love bird, DARREN! Oooo-la-la!  Here is my first project.

It's Tyson's my Valentine for his classroom pals.  This one is called,
"You Are One HOT TAMALE"
Very simple.  Hot tamale candies (purchased at the Dollar Tree), printables, and little clear bags!  Fill bags.  I only put 10 pieces of candy in each bag.  I am all about moderation, not over indulging.  
Insert printable!
And Wa-la! (red tags are for the boys!)
"Your Are A Hot Tamale" (pink tags are for the girls).
This candy is very spicy, so I had to use this Valentine idea for the older boys and girls.