Friday, January 3, 2014

The Pickle Tradition

Mr. Pickle is a tradition our kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! They get so, so, so excited about it.  Here's last year's Mr. Pickle post, 
 First, you hide the pickle… (while the kids hide)
 Then you tell the kids to "come out"...
 They run so fast and with so much excitement.
 You can see from the blurriness of the photos, how fast they were running.
 The kids then search for the talking pickle.
 Lilah's eyes, set upon the tree, tells you how serious they are too. 
After all, there is a prize at stake.
 "There it is!"
The first year, I only had one prize, for the first person, who found the pickle, but then as the kids got Older, I realized that each kid should get a chance to find the pickle and win a prize.
 So each kid received a gift.
An indoor snowball fight.
 They stuffed their shirts with "snowballs"
 They ran to the basement
 And had a snowball fight.
Tyson was being so rough during the snowball fight, just attacking his brother and sister, so Darren held Tyson tight and allowed Lilah and Jax to attack him back, with snowballs.
 I may have to keep this gift out all year round.  It sure does help get out a ton of frustration.