Monday, January 6, 2014

Precious Times...

Two weekends ago, I traveled to Richmond to see visit my brother's family.  My mother was also there.
It means the world to me when my children can spend time with their grandparents.
Being that I only had ONE, strong grandparent figure in my life, I always wanted my children to have an insanely strong bond with my parents/husband's parents. Sadly, it's not often enough.  
Gram brought gingerbread cookies, ALL the way from Florida, for her grandkids to decorate.
The decorating kept them quiet for a good 10 minutes.
Until they started drinking the frosting!
And dousing their cookies in candy galore.
Then the WWE wrestling began… on each other.
I always had a very close relationship with my cousins, growing up, until the family dynamics got too intense, and sadly, we don't talk at all (unless we attend a funeral). My hope is that my children have an amazing bond with the cousins they have. So far, the relationships are awesome; the visits are just not as often as I'd like. Proximity is to blame.  We are working on that though and I believe we are getting better at both the quantity and quality of our time together.  #thankful

There will be a few more pictures to come, in another post, of our visit.  Surprisingly, I failed to take my camera out, like I normally do.