Thursday, March 8, 2012

Getting Organized!!!

Who would ever think that I, Kristin Bolling, would be writing a post on "getting organized"? Yes, I am a very organized aka anal person, but I was allowing myself ONE bag of disorganization that I carried around everywhere with me. It drove me absolutely mad, crazy, and brought me feelings of anxiety, frustration and even anger at times. I have no idea how people survive a lifestyle of disorganization or hoarding. I'm not sure I could survive.

In this bag, I had everything ranging from receipts, to store coupons, to items needed to be returned, to exchanges... you name it, it was in there. After getting fed up with this "bag o'disorganization", and witnessing my friend Ashely even laughing at it, and FINALLY finding an advertisement for "THE" solution, I finally said "ENOUGH" and I spent some of my birthday money ORGANIZING and fixing this problem.

Meet my NEW LOVE.....
I'll give him a name... "Mr. Binder" (Unless you have a better name for him?)
I keep coupons with coupons...

Discount cards with discount cards...
Gift cards with gift cards....

And I even allow for a file of miscellaneous items (for instance: insurance cards, voter's card, vehicle registration card etc...)
It feels so good to finally be organized. When we go out to eat, or to the mall, or the grocery store, or even to get an oil change, my coupons are organized and I am waiting on the cashier instead of the cashier AND ALL THE PEOPLE behind me waiting on ME! My only fear is that if I loose this binder, my lifeline is GONE! Well not really, my lifeline is Christ, but you know what I mean. :)

A funny and famous line of Darren's, to me, has always been, "You're so organized, you're disorganized!" LOL! Not anymore. There is NO MORE disorganization attached to me. The only form of disorganization I once owned is now extinct.

And whose products did I use??? No one's but the best of organization herself, Ms. Martha Stewart. She offers a new line at Staples and it is filled with all kinds of great, fun, enticing, modern, practical and EXPENSIVE organization tools.