Thursday, December 5, 2013

Their Little Trees

In our house, we allow each child to have a Christmas tree in their room. It gives their room a holiday feel and it allows them to decorate the tree the way they desire, leaving my Martha Stewart tree alone, LOL! Actually, this year, Jax begged to help me decorate mine and I allowed him to. I always like to capture their cuteness while they decorate their individual trees.  Their trees will one day be filled to the brim because each year we buy them a new ornament for Christmas.  When they get married, each child will have a minimum of 20 ornaments  Here they are...

Jax: Because every little boy decorates their tree dressed as Thor.  Only makes sense in a superhero room, right?
Finished! The tree in the dark!
 Tree in the light!
Lilah:  I've always wanted a white Christmas tree, but since it's not traditional, I never allowed myself to have one. I am living vicariously through Lilah's bedroom tree.  
Lilah and I did this tree together.  She kept kissing me and squeezing me tight.  I think the poor girl was so excited to have mommy sitting still for more than 10 minutes.  
Tyson: You can tell after Jax's tree, I lost interest in the camera.  LOL!
These trees make a fantastic night light.