Monday, December 9, 2013

Gingerbread Houses

We made houses of gingerbread, they were so sugary sweet. 
It took us all day to make, but lasted just a week.
On Monday, we ate the ceiling.
Tuesday, we ate the door.
Wednesday, we ate the windows.
Thursday, we ate the floor. 
On Friday, we ate all four walls.
On Saturday, we ate the lawn.
On Sunday, we licked up the crumbs.
And now our gingerbread houses are gone!
Every year our family looks forward to the gingerbread house tradition.
In the past, I was able to buy just ONE house and we would take turns decorating it.
But this year, I had to buy 3.  Each child has their own style and artistic abilities.
Looking ahead, I knew if I bought ONE, it would make this tradition unmemorable.  
This year, one style of gingerbread houses came with a little gingerbread man.  So cute!
Each child had a bowl full of candy to use. Some candy was included in the box and the other candy came from our Halloween stash.  
The kids got started on frosting and decorating as soon as I allowed them to.
Each child wanted their name on the roof.
Jax is my "Mr. Martha"
The gingerbread sweat shop.  LOL! Yes, I meant to put sweat, not sweet.
Jax "accidentally" got some frosting on his hands.  Hmmmmm!
Looking mighty colorful.
Lilah is the artist of the house.  She redid her name 2 times because it just wasn't perfect enough.
All done!!!!
Each house now sits on my dining room table.  I used them as my centerpieces.  I displayed them at different heights.  They are so cute and represent each one of the kids perfectly.  
NOW…. to keep their little hands from picking candy off of them daily will be tricky.