Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Name Above All Names

Every year, I treat my home myself to a Christmas addition or 10 (lol).  I fell in love with these ornaments the moment my eyes landed on them. They were way more expensive than I would have liked to have spent on Christmas ornaments, but I had to have them. Jesus is the reason for the season and I cannot put a price on representing HIS names in our home!
In the beginning God created and He NAMED.  He called the darkness night and the light day.  He called the dry land earth and the sky above Heaven.  He created the sun, the moon, and the stars, giving each on its NAME.

Children learn at a very young age that the warm yellow ball int he sky is called the sun.  That is its name.  As they grow older, they learn more about its properties, its size, and its effects on the earth, the ocean, and even their own bodies.  Their knowledge of the sun develops and expands.  

Like the sun, each of us is known by our name.  Meaning is inherent in a name.  Giving identity to an object or a person.  

Jesus is a man of many names - some scholars say as many as 300 - which trellis us right that HE is not like us.  Getting to know the names of Jesus introduces us to who He is.  It's the starting place for discovering the greatest treasure, a relationship with the eternal GOD.  In learning the names of Christ, our understanding of Him grows and we begin to know Him as He is.  

The celebration of CHrist's birth has gotten lost in a swirl of fairy tales and merchandising.  Think about it, the stunning miracle of God becoming human has become trivialized with toys, tinsel, and trips to the mall.  

What's the solution?  The bible teaches us that fixing our eyes on Jesus is best. Learn HIS names and in doing so, you will know more of Him.  

May His names adorn your home at CHRIST-mas and beyond - as you give prominence to the one whose birth we celebrate on December 25, the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ.

HE shall be called,  

JESUS - Jesus is a form of the name Joshua.  Do you know another Joshua in the bible? Joshua led the people of Israel into battle and inspired them to keep believing that God would one day deliver them.  
Savior - a savior is someone who rescues another person who is in trouble.  God sent his son, Jesus, to be our rescuer.  He saves us from drowning in our sin. Praise God!
Christ the Lord- a lord is someone who has great authority over others.  For Jesus to be our Lord means that He is our ruler.  
Emmanuel - "God with us!"  God with you, God with me.  Not a God who is wondering the galaxies somewhere, but here.  Present.  Living with us.  
Wonderful Counselor - Have you ever been perplexed?  Unsure of which alternative is best when making a decision?  Kind of like my thoughts on buying a puppy for my children for Christmas?  Have you been discouraged over a relationship with a spouse, friend, or a sibling?  Jesus is our wonderful counselor.  His advice can always be trusted.  His guidance is unparalleled. 
Mighty God - Mighty God is not bound by the forces of nature.  He can part the red sea or conceive, with one invisible cell, an infant who would be Jesus and he wants you to know His power.  Nothing is too hard for God.  We don't always feel this way about God do we?  We cry inwardly saying, "I can't do this" or "There is no way out!"  Just like the israelites did when staring at a vast body of water that blocked their escape.  Can you believe that Jesus is your mighty God?That he can provide a way of escapee for you, too, when you need it?
Prince of Peace - Every human heart longs for peace without end.  But it cannot be found on earth.  NO KING has ever lived even the most benevolent, who has ruled with perfect peace. All kings are human, flawed, and prone to error, but Jesus is name Prince of Peace.  This name brings the great promise of life without conflict.  HALLELUJAH!!!! There is only one who is divine, sinless, and who can rule with perfection.  His name is JESUS!