Monday, December 23, 2013

A Note From Pastor Nick

If you recall this post , you will recall how devastated Ty was, after pulling the fire alarm, in the dark.  I know, I know, it doesn't sound legit, but re-read the post and you will see that it is.  Anyway, Tyson wrote pastor Nick a note, apologizing, and he also gave him a $1 bill.  When we arrived to the Shaffer's home, for Thanksgiving dinner, each seat had a "place setting" and sitting right near Ty's plate was this note, from Pastor Nick, also his coach, and a potential father-in-law, lol!
To: Ty
From: Nick

Don't worry about the fire alarm.  It was an accident.  Plus, Jesus paid it all! 


As Ty came to the table, he quietly read the note to himself, shoved it back underneath his plate, and didn't say a word to any of us.  LOL! I, of course, had to save the note and blog about it.