Monday, November 25, 2013

Saying Our Final Goodbyes To Football.... (FOR THIS YEAR!!)

Last Thursday, the Highlanders had their team banquet at our Church, West Salem Baptist Church.  We chose to have the banquet in the "youth room" because it is a much smaller room, making decorating easier, and our time spent together more intimate.  Both Gretchen and I were in charge of coordinating the banquet. Gretchen suggested a pot luck, Italian feast, and of course, I obliged.  I AM ITALIAN! It's a no brainer.  Each team parent was assigned either a main dish and dessert OR a main dish and a salad.  I wish I had captured a photo of the food.  It was seriously the best Italian BUFFET in town.  It put Mamma Maria's buffet to shame! Thank you parents for all of your hard work and contributions!
Here's a little bit about the room's set up/decor.... 
We put the players' table on a "stage", to highlight both THEM and the coaches.  
 Each parent table had a football and "grass" centerpiece.  
Along with some "touchdown" crime scene tape.
Darren printed some Glenvar Pee Wee Football posters from work.
We attached them to the referee fabric back drops.
Each player received a framed football photo of themselves.
 As well as an amazing trophy!
Darren and I created a slideshow, which revealed all of the photos taken throughout the season.
While the guests ate, they watched a highlight video, created by Darren, which can also be seen on youtube, if you are interested in viewing. There's some small comedy involved.  Great music too. See below.

This is just another angle of the table set up for the players and coaches.
After the video, coach Nick & coach Darren spoke about each player.  Each player received 
1. A trophy
2. A framed photograph
3. Their professional photos
4. A free ticket to the Stag Bowl! 
5. The gospel message
6. An invitation to our Christmas show.
Nick spoke about his son-in-law Tyson, lol, so that Darren didn't appear to be bragging. Darren did the same for Gabe, although Nick couldn't resist saying a few words.  LOL! Darren also gave each parent a few fun facts about this year's football season...

"The City of Salem Virginia Divisional Champions Glenvar Highlanders. This team finished the year with a perfect 12-0 season record. This team score 331 total points on the year. The average score of their games was 28.4 to 3.7"
The coaches were then presented with an amazing plaque from their players as well as a very encouraging and heartfelt speech from one of the player's mom, Candace Underwood.
I think this plaque is something that they will cherish for years to come, especially considering how far this team went.  PERFECT SEASON BABY!!!!
HOPING AND PRAYING these will be NEXT YEAR'S coaches again.
After the banquet was over, the Shaffer kids and Bolling kids were playing, while the parents cleaned up. The lights got shut off, on Ty, and he panicked.  He "walked the wall", in the dark, in search of a light switch, and accidentally pulled the fire alarm instead.  Ty was so scared of getting in trouble that he NEVER told us.  Why the alarm went off remained a mystery to us until about 10:30 pm.  Tyson "cracked" and sobbed uncontrollably for a loooooong time.  He hates to disappoint people, especially his daddy AND Nick.  
On the way home, Ty said he wanted to write the church a note, apologizing. Instead, he chose to write the note to Pastor Nick.  He sealed it, before I could read it, curiosity is killing me, but Tyson did tell me that he put a $1 bill in the envelope?!?!?!?!?!?  I guess he felt the need to pay for the cost of the alarm going off?  OR maybe in hopes that Pastor Nick could treat himself to a cup of coffee since he had to stay up late waiting on the firemen to leave.
A special thank you goes out to the following:

Coach D for his kind contributions to the team players.
Coach Joe, Neal, Nick, Nick, & Zach, for all of their dedication and help.
Gretchen for helping me decorate and plan the banquet.
Pastor Brett and Trevor for cleaning the youth room and setting up tables and chairs.
Erin Carroll for her help with decorating.  
ALL OF THE PARENTS for their participation, support, and CLEAN UP after the banquet.