Monday, November 4, 2013

Super Bowl Saturday!

The Highlanders start and end every game with their "Too Strong" chant!
 Coin Toss!
 This looks so professional.  See the camera man? :)
 Glenvar Highlanders Vs. Bedford Cubs
 Let the game begin!
The fans really got into it!  Flags, cow bells, and loads of screaming! We also had a great support system.  Thank you Abner, Belchers, Bolling, Boswell, Cannon, Cundiff, Dolloph, Fernandez, Harris, Maggi, Ray Shelor, Stephanie, and Taylor families, as well as the entire Glenvar Bulldog Team (what a way to show true Glenvar spirit and humility). If I forgot anyone, I am so sorry!  
 Game Over! 16-0
I didn't take many pictures. I wanted to watch it.
 From the tears, you can tell who lost!
Our team was a total out matched to the Cubs.
We are wondering if those boys were actually 9 and 10 year olds.
 This is the only time these boys will show tears :(
 Joey is moving next month to Pennsylvania, so he was extra sad.
 Each boy received a medal after the game 
Jake Stanley #4
 Adam Harvey #3
 Chris Jordan #5
 Tyson Bolling #7 with Coach Zach
Ty was showing lots of emotion after the game.
 Kaiden Waldron #8
 Anthony LaRossa #10
 Gavin Hudson #12
Hunter Sowers #14
 Nick Woodson #16
Conley Waybright #24
Hayden Sowers #26
Joey Strong #34
Elijah Pack #38
Jackson Swanson #42
Gabe Shaffer #43
Brendan Magruder #50
I'm so proud of both Darren and Tyson.  Darren has put his heart, soul, energy, love, dedication, passion, and knowledge into this season and his hard work has paid off. He has never felt, about his players, the way he has felt about them this year. He literally would come home, at least every other practice, and say... "I just love those boys!"  It's like he gained an extra 15 sons.  I am also grateful for the deeper friendship that has transpired between Darren and Nick (our pastor).  Their bond is unbreakable and will continue for a lifetime. It has also been a blessing to watch Nick Shelor and Darren get closer.  Zach... you will always and forever be a brother to Darren. You two share the same dry humor, yours is just worse :) Darren says, "One of my favorite things to do is pick on Zach!". I'm grateful that these four men have been a integral part of working with our younger community.  They are all great, godly influences.

Tyson was definitely put to the test, under pressure, and did so well.  I think being the quarter back works for him because he is so mathematically inclined.  I don't think I believe there's a such thing as a "dumb jock", at least in the quarter back world :) He learned every play, made several amazing touch down passes, a field goal, and many tackles.  He came close to an ankle injury (at the Super Bowl), but he worked through it on the field.  He gained wonderful new friendships and enhanced his bond with his daddy and other great coaches/men.
 Gabe and Tyson: Best friends for life!
These boys played their hearts out.  ONE LOSS cannot take away their perfect season or their hard work! It would be so awesome if we could keep the team as is, next year, and continue growing our bond, friendship, and sportsmanship.