Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Preschool Halloween Parade!

Lilah and Jaxon's preschool asked each student to dress up in their Halloween costumes.  Then the school had a parade for all of the parents.  
 For my kiddies, it started off awesome.
 Smiles and Giggles!
 And Lilah was slightly embarrassed   
 You can see the redness in Lilah's face, but she seemed excited right?
 Mason Carroll aka Farmer
 Jax and Jack were Ninja Turtles.
 Notice Lilah is missing?
That's because my girl was FILLED with so much nervousness that she broke down in tears. The pressure was too intense for her.  LOL!  Which is so weird because she has performed on stage before for ballet. I think that Lilah was just exhausted from the night before's events.
 Jax was happy to be in the parade.  Lilah was not. Twins?!?!  How?!?!?!
We put together a little Halloween bag for L&J's classmates.  These were the items in their bag.