Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Blog Post From Jax...

Lilah and Jax are in the "Fun Frogs" class.  Every Friday, someone gets to bring home "Friday the Fun Frog".  They are assigned a letter and at the end of the weekend, they are to write a "story" or draw a picture about their time with him. Their assigned letter is supposed to be incorporated into the story or drawing. Here is Jaxon's story of his time with "Friday the Fun Frog".  He was assigned the letter "H".
Jaxon Bolling’s “Friday Fun Frog” Adventure           
"I had a hoppity good time with “Friday Fun Frog”.  Friday headed home with me, after school, to join me for a nap in my Spiderman room!  We slept for 3 hours.  We were exhausted from a hard days work in Ms. Donna & Ms. Cheryl class.  After waking up from our nap, we treated Friday to dinner, at Rancho Viejo!  Friday enjoyed some chips and hot salsa!  We then joined our church family at the Glenvar High School football game.  Glenvar played Radford and lost. Booooo!!!!!
The next morning, we hung around our house. My big brother and I played playstation, colored, danced on the couch, and rode scooters outside. We were anxious for 4 pm to arrive.  My big brother, Tyson, & his football team, the Highlanders, made it to the Super Bowl.  It is a huge accomplishment to make it to the Super Bowl.  Sadly, they lost, even though they tried their hardest!  We headed home to eat hot dogs and hamburgers.  Mom treated us to some birthday cake ice cream.  It was heavenly

On Sunday, our family spent the first half of our day at Church.  I brought Friday to Sunday School, to meet my friends.  We learn, every Sunday, how God is HOLY, how we are sinners, and how we need a Savior.  His name is Jesus Christ.  If we believe in Him and turn away from sin, we can be with Him in Heaven one day! 
When we got home from church, we were so hungry!  Mom made us lunch and afterwards, mom let us have some Halloween candy!  I had a lollipop and Friday had some skittles. The rest of the day, our family just relaxed and enjoyed being home for once.  Normally, we are always on-the-go.  We played hide-and-seek, bored games, playstation, and watched a movie.  Do you think Friday and I hid well?
 The best thing I did with Friday was shoot hoops.  Friday was really happy to play outside. Friday and I beat my daddy, at the basketball game.  The score was 99 to one HUNDRED!  Whoo-hoo!!!!  
Friday, I will miss having you at our home.  You are a great friend!  I am hoping that each classmate will have another turn to spend the weekend with you!  I think l will be FIRST, to get Friday, the next time around."