Sunday, October 13, 2013

The BEST Romance EVER!

Starting tomorrow, I will rejoin my sisters in Christ, in a study on what it means to be A TRUE WOMAN according to God, not the world.  I have adjusted my schedule, prioritizing my love for CHRIST and my marriage FIRST, above working out or cleaning my home.  

God has a spectacular design for our womanhood, for who He created us to be, as women.  His pattern is very beautiful, very good, very purposeful, and very very precious to His heart. God wants us, as women, to say YES to His design.  He wants us to recognize the ways in which we messed up His design, when we have FAILED to read His directions word on true womanhood - starting in Genesis 2:7-25.

You are a TRUE woman, when you acknowledge that GOD has the best insight into who you are and HOW you should live. God will do an amazing work of restoration if you are not following his design.  Do you desire this restoration?   

If our culture/society has confused YOU on what it means to be a TRUE WOMAN and what your role as a woman should actually be, I challenge you to view this video.  Actually, I BEG YOU to view this video, BOTH alone, and WITH your husband.  It's so incredible and it lays the groundwork for God's plan and our role as women and God's plan and man's role as men in this life.

Remember, this LIFE is NOT about YOU!  It's about GOD and the ways in which we can and SHOULD glorify and worship HIM for giving us a possible second chance at ETERNAL LIFE - IF WE REPENT AND BELIEVE.

The overall theme of this video is the "differences between the sexes: man and woman and why they exist. It's a lot more than Snips and Snails.  It's about what makes men and women TICK!" ~Mary A. Kassian

MAKE TIME TO VIEW THIS! You can either click on the title "The Genesis of Gender" or view the actual video by pressing the play button.  It is this video that will teach you about The Greatest Romance Ever.