Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Homestead Creamery Field Trip

Today, I spent the day with 3 cuties: Julia, Jax, and Lilah.  Their preschool class had their first field trip.  It's one of my favorite places to visit.  We usually go once a year on "FARM DAY".  It's called the Homestead Creamery.  Rather than riding the bus, I chauffeured these adorable children to the creamery.  
Upon arriving, the potty talk started immediately from EVERY student.  You can tell from Jax's hand movements what the problem was.  The smell of the cow manure was intense.  Oddly enough, I think it smells good.
The first thing we spotted, aside from that adorable donkey, were chickens/roosters. 
Then the children were introduced to the baby calfs. 
They were allowed to pet them.
This calf was just born two days ago.
More petting!
This momma cow is pregnant and due to delivery in two weeks.
After visiting with the cows, we were taken into the "milking room" and shown how cows are milked.  We learned that each cow is milked at 4:30 am and 3:30 pm.  If they don't get milked, on time, they begin to cry and whine because they need relief. Each cow produces 12 gallons of milk per day.  Can you imagine?
We also learned what happens to the milk after it comes out of the cow.  This is the big canister that holds the milk until the milk truck comes to retrieve it to bring it to the creamery for cleaning and bottling.  I just think about how much we complain about the price of milk and really, after hearing about the entire start to finish process, I think milk is CHEAP.
After the farm, we left, and took a 20 minute ride to their market.  It was incredible to see all of the things that they make and sell: butter, milk, egg nog, apple butter, ice cream etc.  The list is endless.

The children got to try out four types of milk: white, chocolate, orange, and strawberry. I haven't had milk since I was a baby and I was convinced to try the strawberry milk.  BAD MISTAKE.  I think I like milk now, but I have no desire to start drinking it.  
Taste testing!
Orange milk was their FAVORITE!
Then they had lunch!
AND relaxed on the rocking chair.

After lunch, the market allowed them to taste test some of their amazing ice cream. Lilah and Julia chose chocolate.  Jax chose birthday cake.  
It was a fantastic day at the creamery minus ALL of the driving!  The bus driver arrived at the wrong location, on the way there, and my navigation system sent me home in the wrong direction, on the way back. Grrrrr.  All in all, the blessing is that we arrived home safely.
Enjoy the ENTIRE photo album of our trip below.  Double click on it to see the pictures up close and personal.