Tuesday, October 15, 2013

One Football Game LEFT until the Playoffs...


Our players and coaches are doing an incredible job this year.  As fans, we are so spoiled, at the end result, that it's almost gotten to a point where we show up expecting to win each game.  I pray our pride dissipates and that we stay focused on playing for God's glory and safety, rather than winning, but I can't deny, I hope we win the final game :)  Then we will have the playoffs to contend with.  We are overly hopeful and positive :)  If we win the playoffs, we will be heading to Bedford for the SuperBowl. HOW EXCITING!!!!!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from last night's game. If you choose to view ALL of the photos, just double click on the photo album below.  "Mr. Cannon" (my camera) was tired towards the end of the game and wasn't cooperating with me. The stadium's lighting produces a much nicer result, in the photography world.  Last night's game was at the field.  
Officially a MOM!  It doesn't take child-bearing.  It takes writing on your vehicle, cheering your child and his team on.  LOL!  I contemplated washing my van first.  I didn't want to draw attention to a dirty van, but then I realized how dumb that was :)
LOVE THIS SHOT!  Together, Gabe and Ty stand (best friends and hopefully brother's in Christ as well as In-Laws one day!!!) HEHE!
 Ty runs for a touchdown (incomplete).  
Check out his pink socks! Supporting breast cancer month!
 Gabe and Woodson on the tackle!
 Oh no, Swanson fumbles the ball.
 He restored himself by making a touchdown :)
 Tyson scores a field goal.  See the ball?
Possible coaching stance?  This was not posed.  LOL!  They are just very intently watching the game, side by side. The final score was 27-0.