Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Oldies But Goodies....

I absolutely LOVE IT when Tyson comes home and reminds me of my childhood by "bringing it back"!  

Lately, I've heard a few of my favorite childhood tunes going on in the house, such as...

"Bubble gum, bubble gum, in a dish, how many pieces do you wish?"
"Inky binky bonkie, daddy had a donkey, donkey died, daddy cried, inky, binkie, bonkie!"

Tyson: "Lilah, is your hand bigger than your face?"
Lilah: ... tries it.
Tyson: Pushes his hand to hers, forcing Lilah to hit her own face.  
Lilah: Shock, laughter, frustration, then tears.

Tyson: "Mom, spell I CUP"
Me: "Do you think I was born yesterday?  That's been around a loooooong time."
Tyson: "Okay, fine, I'll do it. I-C-U-P."  The concept is for it to sound like "I see you pee"

"Me Chinese, Me Play Joke, Me Put Pee-Pee in Your Coke!"

Today, Tyson came home with a "fortune teller".  I LOVED these when I was growing up.  
Tyson: "Mom, pick one!"
Mom: "Soccer"
 Mom: "5"
 Mom: "3"
 Tyson: "You will live forever!"
Obviously, not everything I did as a kid was "appropriate" or worth repeating, but it's so neat seeing how it resurfaces generations later.  I am waiting for him to come home with a "slam book". That was seriously my favorite childhood/school memory. Hehe.  I might have just "dated" myself if slam books have never resurfaced. #ilovedbeingan80'schild

What are some of your "oldies, but goodies!"?