Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Highlanders' PERFECT Season 10-0

The Highlanders had their LAST game of the year and have remained undefeated, with a perfect record 10-0.  NOW, we are off to the playoffs.  Opponent wise, I'd say this was probably the hardest team we've played all season.  They were big boys and tough, but they STILL didn't come close to scoring against us. 

The top three plays of the game were as follows:

1.  Tyson had a 60 yard touchdown pass to Joey Strong.  Way to go boys!
2.  Gabe had a 20 yard touchdown run.
3.  Joey had a 20 yard touchdown run.
Gabe runs for a touchdown!
Joey getting tackled.  
Ty #7
Ty and Gabe both attempted several field goals.  Ty was 0 for 4 and Gabe was 0 for 1.  Haha. Ty says the reason they didn't make any field goals is because they were so tired from being in the game the entire time.  LOL!
Ty ran head to head with #13 (a much bigger boy).
He caught up to him and T-A-C-K-L-E.
Look at Gabe's poor legs.  Gives new meaning to the word GUMBY!
The coaches were really on their toes tonight. Each one working face-to-face with their players. 
Father/Son Swanson.
Coach D speaking to Jake Stanley (#4).
Coach Nick speaking to Gabe and Joey.
The other Coach Nick speaking to Chris Jordan 
Final Score 30 to 0
Double click on the photo album below to view ALL of the photos I took at this game!