Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Highlanders VS. Spartans

On Monday, we the Highlanders played another great game against the Spartans.  The final score was 25-0.  We are still undefeated.  Our record is 7 & 0.  Tonight is the BIGGEST game of the year against the BULL DOGS.  They have won every single game except TO US.  We are 7&0.  They are 6&1.  Come support our team!!!!

 Elijah Pack #38
 Ty hands off the ball!
 Gabe running for a touch down!
 SWANSON on the play!
 My little QB!
 Ty looks for Gabe.  Finds Him!  Gabe runs the ball.
 "You're going DOWN!" Gabe on the tackle.
 Another pass by Ty!
 More tackles!  It's not football unless your tackling.  
 The UNSTOPPABLE and SPEEDY Jackson!!!
 Gorgeous SKY!
 Ty's littlest fan came to watch him play aka play with the twins :)