Saturday, October 26, 2013

Highlanders VS. Dolphins - Playoffs

Today, was our FIRST playoff game. The Highlanders challenged the Dolphins to their first FRIGID football game of the year.  The weather didn't stop them though. We won 34-7.  We have ONE more playoff game, on Tuesday, and if we win that game, WE ARE OFF TO THE SUPERBOWL in Bedford.  This has been such an exciting year.  Darren comes home after every game and says, "I sincerely love those boys!"  I think he has an extra 16 sons :)

Check out today's game photos!!!

Below are my top 6 favorites, but there are a ton of great photos, so be sure to check out the picasa photo album below. Double click, on the album, to see the photos in a larger format. 

Way to go coaches and players! Thank you God for safety and another win!  All glory to you!!!
I got to try out a new camera today!  Cannon Rebel T3i.  LOVED IT!!!  It may be a keeper.