Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall Preschool Pictures 2013

Today was picture day at Lilah and Jax's preschool.  I ALWAYS take my own photos incase the photographer doesn't get them to cooperate.  I also ALWAYS bribe them with a piece of candy for great cooperation.  The morning went smooth, smooth, smooth.  Both L&J were great listeners.  No complaining about what mom chose for them to wear.  No screaming during hair styling.  It was just perfect.  As we approached the outside, the "it's too cold out here" complaints started.  Luckily, they were super excited to eat their Halloween lollipop, so they grinned and bore it. You can see in some of the pictures, Jax was slowly fading, but I was content with the outcome, even if Jax seemed grouchy, because it is TOTALLY their personalities currently anyhow.  
Jax got a hair cut two days ago, so the "spike" wasn't working great.  His teachers, the day before, ranted and raved about his no spike, so I figured not styling his hair would be doable and different for this outfit and his last year at preschool.  Jax is disinterested in his spike anyway, so he was the most excited for not having to do his hair.  What are your thoughts? Does he look like a nerd without the spike?
 I can't take it.  The photo above describes their persona to an absolute T!!!!
As hard as motherhood is somedays, the reality is I am truly blessed.  


  1. Shannon should hire you as a second shooter! Love these photos

  2. I think Jax looks adorable with out the faux hawk spikes. Seriously precious. Then again I am the mom who lets her son have completely untamed hockey hair.

  3. Love them! (the pictures and the kids). : ) Last night when Jax walked in I told him how much I loved his hair. As much as I love the faux hawk spikes, I just adore his regular hair. : )

  4. So stinkin cute! I might have to steal Jax's outfit for my lil one. I hope you guys have an awesome Halloween :-)

    1. You are so sweet. Call me because I want to hear all about your new salon so I can get you to do my nails ;) 5405201853. I can also tell you where each piece of Jax's outfit came from.


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