Thursday, October 24, 2013

What We're Loving Lately!!!

From time to time, my girlfiend Ashely does a post titled, "WILW" (What I'm Loving Wednesday!)  It's always one of my favorite blog post titles that she does. I enjoy learning about what she is loving and I usually wind up LOVING what she loves too :)  She's so easy to love.  Geeez, there's just so much love in the air.  LOL!

I've been thinking a lot about what our family has been loving a lot lately.  Allow me to share...

Darren's New Love:

Orange Milk - I brought home chocolate milk and orange milk from the twins' Homestead Creamery field trip, two weeks ago, and Darren has been nursing this bad boy.  It's the closest he will EVER come to eating ice cream with me. I don't like milk, so I'm not indulging in it with him, but I'm glad he is rewarding his hard days work with a sip or two of this orange milk.  Better milk than beer.  LOL!
 Kristin's Loves:

Chopped Basil and Crushed Garlic - Found in the frozen section, at Wal-mart.  It's brilliant and oh so convenient.  I never have to worry about my $5 fresh basil going bad or worse, chopping up garlic into tini tiny pieces, making my fingers smell for days.  
It comes in little cubes and each cube is either a tablespoon of basil or a clove of garlic.  I made chicken bruschetta yesterday and I forgot to buy fresh basil. I recalled that this amazing invention was in my freezer.  I used six cubes in my tomato basil mixture and it came out just as DELICIOUS as if I was to use FRESH.
Yard Sign - I LOVE advertising my love for Christ, in hopes that others will come to know HIM, who saves.  This is a really subtle way to make mention of Jesus and how important it is to know him.  

"For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us, who are being saved, it is the word of God!" ~1 Corinthians 1:18
Fit & Fresh Tubberware - These are my absolute favorite lunch box item lately.  I bought them at the start of the school year and I have been meaning to write a post about them.  What are they?  They are containers that have a detachable, freeze, gel pack attached.  The gel is non-toxic. It says to hand wash, but I didn't know that, and I have been placing these items in the dish washer.  Eeeeek!  Oh well, they are all in one piece except for ONE.  It did melt.

You can purchase these are TJ Maxx, Belk, Marshall's, Toys R Us, and online at fit&  Should you decide to buy on line, I have a coupon code.  Let me know and I will share it with you.
This is my favorite one.  It has an insert for chilled dips, dressings, or sauces.  
My intention was to use it for cucumbers and ranch or apples and caramel sauce.  
I have yet to do it! I keep forgetting.

Tyson's Loves:

Loom Bands: A seperate blog post has already been done on this topic, but Tyson is STILL loving these bands. He has been coming home with rings, necklaces, and bracelets that his other classmates have made.  They trade them.  He was really flattered when all my girlfriends asked him for one too :)  Again, the ONLY downfall is that I find them ALL OVER THE HOUSE, but it BEATS video game and screen time.
This is my favorite bracelet he has made to date!
500 Rummy: It was my favorite card game as a child and I am "bringing it back" into the Bolling household.  Tyson and I, in our "spare" time, try to play this together.  It takes skill and he has it!!! He hasn't beaten me yet though :) #imcompetitive

Lilah's Loves:

One Direction:  This was NOT taught, aside from the Wii game "Just Dance". But sadly, my daughter hasn't escaped the "crush" of the boy band "One Direction.  Really!?!?!?!?!  Ugh! It started with Just Dance, but now we listen to it in the car.  It's "clean", so I am okay with it.  She loves to watch them on youtube as well. Claire's, in the mall, has all kinds of One Direction items and she has been begging for something, anything with their picture on it.  My answer has always been no. Her crush should be on her daddy, lol, until she is old enough to properly know what it means to date, but I cannot deny that I might consider taking her to a concert, if they ever come to Roanoke.
Her favorite "track" is, "Baby You Light Up My World".
Dot Lettering: Who knew?  I do this lettering from time to time.  My girlfriend Ashely also does. One day, Lilah came home from school and was anxiously trying to show me something.  She presented it to me and said, "Look mom, I drew dots just like you and Ms. Ashely!"  I LOVE that she LOVES being like ME!
Pretend Bible Reading With Reading Glasses - Again, another example of how Lilah mimics me. I never realized how important, the decisions I make, REALLY are being watched. What a sponge children are. Usually, I study the word of God in the early am (4:30 am), but sometimes, I do it at night and Lilah has taken notice.  This particular photo was taken when I was studying at night.  Lilah ran to her room and got her own bible and faux reading glasses, mocking ME (I wear glasses at night when my contacts are out).  
Jax's LOVES:

The Brady Bunch - I am getting so tired of the JUNK that is offered on television.  We are actually considering canceling our cable bill.  I was explaining to the kids the shows I used to watch as a child and began singing the Brady Bunch song. They didn't quite understand, so I went out and bought the 1st season, boxed set, at Wal-mart for them.  NOW, they are ALL addicted, but surprisingly Jax is the most addicted.  It's good, wholesome tv, that incorporates real life issues, with resolutions.  The only hard part was explaining why the "lovely lady" and "the man named Brady" had kids before marriage.  LOL! I'm hoping to get them interested in another one of my favorites, "Gilligan's Island!"

Jax has enjoyed this show so much, he has given it much thought, and has decided that's what we should all be for Halloween. When I told him that we don't have 8 people in our family, he mentioned "Tech", our hamster, to see if he could get in on it.  LOL!  Needless to say, we are NOT going to be the Brady Bunch, but it was a cute idea.
Superhero Quote: Jax loves the new, small detail/addition to his room. It's the perfect quote considering he LOVES his brother to pieces.  Although, I must say, "You are a mean butt face" has been tossed at Tyson these last few days, when he gets made at Ty.  I correct it and shouldn't condone it, but I say, "Jax, I really don't blame you for feeling that way.  Sometimes your brother really is a mean butt face."
Those are our current loves.  What are yours????  Wish ALL of my friends had blogs.