Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Welcome Home Si!

It's truely the hardest thing to believe, but Tyson actually WON the 6ft Si yesterday. My step-mom always says I should play the lottery because I truly do have the best "luck" (even though I don't believe in it, I agree).  I win everything.  I've won a 6ft Santa from Hallmark, one year I won tickets to a Biance/Christina Aguilera concert which included bus tickets because the concert was in Greensboro, NC, the list is endless, but without fail, I always win drawings.  Darren called me yesterday, while I was at the dentist with Tyson, to tell me that we won.  I thought for sure he was kidding, but NOPE... we are the proud owners of 6ft Si.  So, after the dentist appointment, off we went, to pick up SI!  
Imagine sleeping next to this thing every night.  I'm being a good sport about it because Tyson was beyond ecstatic.  I've never seen him smile so big.  LOL!  I'm not sure how long we will allow him to reside in our home.  I guess as long as he keeps his beard to himself, he can visit with us for a little bit :)
Si was originally holding his book that he just recently released, but I cut that out and now he's holding Ty's most recent football picture.  Momma worked too hard to make this room an NFL room.  We are keeping it REAL. This room WILL NOT be turned into a Duck Dynast room.  :)
I even added one of Tyson's belts to Si's waist, filling up two "slits", that existed, which held the drawing box.