Thursday, October 31, 2013

Busy Week...

It's been a busy week, for people of ALL AGES, in our home.  Between football playoffs, ballet, costume parties, Reformation celebrations, school walk-a-thon, Halloween parade, etc. etc. etc. we have NOT stopped.  Tyson's normal routine had faltered a tad, on Tuesday, and he forgot to fill out his daily reading log, like normal. On Wednesday morning, I went into his room to make his bed and I found a note on his nightstand (#firsttimeforeverything).  It read,
"Reading Log In Morning, Don't Forget!"
It honestly melted my heart, not to mention laugh pretty hard, to see how conscientious my little guy is. I feel like these are the beginning signs of showing responsibility and good work ethic.  Don't you?

Now, to show the complete opposite of having "good work ethic" as well as to show the complete opposite of WHO I NORMALLY AM, you will see from the sight of my laundry room, how busy I have been.
I am sure there are a ton of people clapping to see my failure.  Rest assured, the rest of my house is in pristine order. :)