Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pre-K Update!

Lilah and Jax have adjusted well to Pre-K.  I haven't heard any complaints at all. Jax has been a little bit sad, on some mornings, because Lilah has told him that she isn't going to play with him.  It is no secret who the dominant twin is... ahem Lilah. She simply just wants to play with her GIRL-friends, so Jax is adjusting to learning how to play without her at times.  Ms. Donna said everyone plays really well together and that Jax isn't having ANY trouble playing with the boys.  This is giving me a little something to consider when signing them up for kindergarten in January. Yikes, is that really happening?  I am asked A LOT... as a mom of twins, will you put them in the same kindergarten class?  As of right now, my answer without a second thought, YES! 
Anyway, preschool is exhausting them.  This photos shows Jax PASSED out, at Alejandro's Restaurant, on the first day of school.  We did everything we could to wake Jax up, so he could eat his dinner, but to no avail, he remained asleep.
Lilah and Jax had their first "homework" assignment the other day.  It was really just "show and tell" to help the students and teachers learn more about each other, but I called it homework.  While Tyson did his homework, I made a big deal out of the twins' "assignment" and it made it much more enticing for the twins to complete. Lilah thought she was a big shot doing "homework".  Oh, if she only knew how much homework is NOT fun!

Their assignment was to put 3 things, in the enclosed brown bag, that shared a little bit more about themselves.  

Lilah chose, to put in her bag, princesses, crayons/markers, and a print out of the show "Lazy Town".  Those are a few of her favorite things, activities, and television shows.
Jax chose, to put in his bag, a football, Captain Hook, and a photo of him and his best friend Cohen, dressed up in their Spiderman costumes.  "These are a few of [his] favorite things!"
Our entire home looks forward to Fridays now.  It's a nice break for everyone to not have to get up early and to be free from homework, work, working out, and weekly responsibilities.