Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Organize Your Holiday Flags

By Christmas, I don't think I will OWN one item I don't use.  Nor will ONE item be out of place.  LOL! I am REALLY enjoying the 4, "free", hours a day, alone, because I am getting so much done that is benefiting our home.  I feel great being able to be a house wife without distraction and then I can be a mommy once my children arrive home from school.  

This is a SIMPLE, yet creative task that I completed this week.  I organized my holiday flags because I could never locate the one I needed, when I needed it.  

I scouted Bed, Bath, and Beyond and found this hanger.  It's supposed to be used for skirts, but I used it for my own needs... holiday flags.
And now... there they hang.  ALL together.  Convenient.  Organized.  And out of the way!!!


  1. Great idea! It's so nice to be organized!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I really enjoy reading comments. Thanks you for taking the time to do this so often :)


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