Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Organize Your Holiday Flags

By Christmas, I don't think I will OWN one item I don't use.  Nor will ONE item be out of place.  LOL! I am REALLY enjoying the 4, "free", hours a day, alone, because I am getting so much done that is benefiting our home.  I feel great being able to be a house wife without distraction and then I can be a mommy once my children arrive home from school.  

This is a SIMPLE, yet creative task that I completed this week.  I organized my holiday flags because I could never locate the one I needed, when I needed it.  

I scouted Bed, Bath, and Beyond and found this hanger.  It's supposed to be used for skirts, but I used it for my own needs... holiday flags.
And now... there they hang.  ALL together.  Convenient.  Organized.  And out of the way!!!