Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall Finds For My Favorite Friends!!!!

I call them my "Sensational 6", but the reality is... they are so much more than that to me.  They are...

1.   My Friends
2.   My Family
3.   My Sisters in Christ 
4.   My Greatest Fans
5.   My Biggest Blessings (aside from the obvious :)
6.   My Encouragement
7.   My Accountability
8.   The People I Want To Spend My Extra Time With (aside from the obvious).
9.   The Ones I Run To!
10. The Ones I Trust.
11. The Ones I Tell Everything To!
12. The Ones Who Make Me Laugh (and that's no easy task).
13. The Ones I Learn From. 

NOTHING can compare to these ladies.  Each of them contain different qualities, perks, and uniquenesses.  Is that a word?!?!?!  LOL!

I love buying things for them.  ALL of THEM. (That part was for you Shan!)  BUT.... there is 5 of them and everything x 5 can get quite expensive.  Actually it's really everything x 6 because whatever I buy for them, I buy for me too :)

All year round, I am on the hunt for ways to shower them with goodies that contain quality, but due to the quantity, it has to be somewhat CHEAP in cost!

Fall, Christmas, Spring, Birthdays, and Mother's Day are the holidays I focus on!  I do my best to keep the costs down to $5-$10 per person, but sometimes, I fail (please don't be mad Darren... I'm telling on myself here.).  To date, the FALL 2013 gifts were the greatest FIND and STEAL EVER!!!!!!!

Let me break it down....  This is just so exciting!!  I feel like I turned into Erin Carrol (1/5).
The first item, in the bag, was purchased last year, after Halloween @ Kirklands!
A glittered spider "dish"?
 Original price: $6.99
 @ 90% off  for an after Halloween sale = $1.75
Plus an additional 20% for being a card holder = $1.40
 I put a plant in mine!
Ashely put a pumpkin in hers.
 Next up... the 18" candle that I had been eyeing all season last year!
This candle came from Lifeway Christian Bookstore!
 I loved it, but it was too expensive to even buy just ONE, in my opinion.
 Original Price = $18.99
@ 90% off for an after Fall sale = $1.89
Plus an additional 20% off of clearance items (I had a coupon) = $1.51
 3rd Up.... "Resolution Cards!"
 I just happened to catch these on clearance a few weeks ago.
I purchased them at Lifeway Christian Bookstore.
Original price: $4.99
@90% off
PAID = $1.39
A set of 40 cards designed to be a daily reminder of God's plan for us as wives and mothers.
 The bag!
Purchased at Lifeway Christian Bookstore (last Fall).
Okay, so I have a small obsession with that store.
Original Price: $1.99
 @ 90% off = $.20 CENTS
Plus an additional 20% off of Clearance (Coupon I had) = $.16 CENTS

TOTAL COST OF GIFTS = $32.96 x 6 People = $197.76

TOTAL THAT I PAID = $4.46 x 6 People = $26.76

For a TOTAL SAVINGS OF $171.00.

This is seriously ONE of the BEST DEALS I have ever come across.  Moral of the story... DO NOT EVER BUY HOLIDAY ITEMS DURING THE HOLIDAY! I had to wait an ENTIRE YEAR to share this awesome steal and to give these gifts out.  I'm so glad Fall has finally arrived.

SS6 = I don't normally desire for you to know how much I spend on you, but this was too good NOT to share!!!!!