Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Mom's Fall Bucket To Do List"

As promised, here is my Fall "to do" list that I am anxious to complete.  There are 28 items on the list and I have completed 13 1/2.  Not bad considering my kids have only been in school for 8 days.  All of these items take time and I have actually been delayed in completing this list due my sudden desire to clean/organize my garage (which is NOT on this list).  Hopefully this week, I will knock out at least 4-5 more of these items.
Rotate Mattresses
Dry Clean Duvet Covers and Bed Skirts
Wipe Down Door Knobs
Order Curtains For Lilah, Jax, and Tyson's Room
Organize Storage Room
Decorate For Fall
Change Batteries In Smoke Detectors
Clean Dryer Vent
Clean Garbage Disposal
Clean Air Vents
Create A Dinner Menu
Finish Craft Closet
Discard Expired Medications & Spices
Professionally Clean Carpet
Clean Interior Of Oven
Winterize Closets
Clean "Lazy Susan"
Get Windows Professionally Washed (Inside And Out)
Wash Baseboards
Clean Kitchen Backsplash
Clean Underneath Stove and Refrigerator
Professionally Paint Lilah and Tyson's Room
Wipe Down Ceiling Fans
Vacuum Couch Cushions/Bases
Wipe Down Light Fixtures
Clean and Disinfect Inside Of Trash Cans
Clean Granite
Clean Inside Of Washing Machine
As I complete a task, I mark it off.  This gives me insight and hope into this list being finalized.