Sunday, September 15, 2013

Glenvar Vs. Lord Botetourt

On Friday night, we attended a home game for Glenvar High School.  We know several of the players, on the team, but that was not the ONLY reason we attended. Darren and his football team were scheduled to run onto the field at half time.  The weather is slowly turning cold, so it was the perfect football weather. Between the camaraderie, the weather, and the football game, it was a blast!!!
 Jake #5.  Our pastor's son!
 Sam #80 - also our pastor's son!
Tyson enjoyed watching the big boys play!
 "Down, Set, Hut!"
 My camera was NOT behaving well.
Darren, Ty, and the rest of the football team ran onto the field, at half time.
All of the photos came out blurry :(
 Even through the blurriness, you can see my husband and the players smiles!
The baton girl plays with fire!
Glenvar played a great game and at one point they were winning and then tied, but the end result was that they lost 16-36 :(