Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Hokie" Tailgate Party!!!

Two weeks ago, Darren came to me and asked if we could have a party for the first VA Tech game.  I told him, "I need a five day notice, AT LEAST!"  So sadly, I declined his request.  I made it up to him by planning a tailgate party for a few of his guy pals :) for the 2nd VA Tech game.  
 Go Hokies!!!
Drink Table
I love the printable, it says
"You had me at Let's Go!!!!"
 Dessert Table
My homemade filled cupcakes
Football shaped brownies (thanks Erin)
Chocolate pumpkin flavored/covered almonds
"Everything but the kitchen sink" cookies
 Yum!  Sadly, I ruined all of last week's workout by eating 3 of these babies!!!
So what! You only live once.
Potato Skins
Mac and Cheese
3-Meat Meatballs
Tortilla Chips and Salsa
Tortilla Chips and Guacamole
Corn Chips and Hot Corn Dip
I didn't want the guys ruining my table, so I put place mats down for them.  Of course, they made fun of me.  Me and the word SIMPLE just don't go hand in hand. LOL!
 Darren said, "Honey, no one is going to formally sit down and eat."  SO!!!!!
 "Touch Down" decor.
 And since I wasn't there to take pictures, I relied on the guys to take a few for me.
This is what happens when you rely on MEN to take pictures of their "parties".
 I mean Nathan can't even be SEEN?
Of course these men know how much of a perfectionist I am so they made sure to do something comical to get under my skin.  Darren told them, "I want NO part of this!"  LOL!  Needless to say, after two hairy men were in my bed, I made sure to wash those sheets.
 I can't deny that these photos have been making me laugh ALL weekend!
Whoever says FUN can't be had without alcohol....
Just ask these guys.  It truly isn't needed to have comical fun.

Virginia Tech beat ECU 15-10