Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lilah's 2nd Year Of Ballet

Our little Liley has started her 2nd year at Miss Mona's Dance Studio.  The first few weeks, leading up to class starting back, Lilah was not interested; but, she was so excited the day before and the actual day class started, she could hardly stand it. 
She seems so much more content this year than last year.  She walks right in to her class, like a little dancer.  
Lilah has a new teacher this year.  Her name is Ms. Sandy!  I really am enjoying her personality and willingness to interact with the parents both before and after class.
Ms. Sandy told the parents today that the girls are really "lovey dovey" to each other.  I think the fact that they are slowly building a relationship with each other is so sweet.  Hopefully these will be the girls Lilah grows up with, in dance class, if she remains at Miss Mona's Studio.