Monday, September 9, 2013

Highlanders 1st FOOTBALL Game of 2013

The Highlander's 1st game was tonight.  It was MUCH anticipated.  Darren was a nervous wreck; so much, that we HAD to pray as a family before we all left for the game.  Tyson was not nervous at all!!!  Go figure.
Our little QB!
 Gabe: Water Break!
 "Co" says hello to his daddy!
 Coach D speaks to "Harvey" #3
 With every football game belongs a bunch of cheerleaders.
 Jump, Shout, YELL!
 "Ready... OKAY!"
 "Down, Set, HUT!"
Glenvar's Littlest Fans
 Gabe for the touchdown!
 Game Over!
The sweet smell of VICTORY!