Monday, September 30, 2013

Highlanders 6 & 0

Our team is still leading the way... 6 & 0.  It's been an amazing season.  My prayer is that these boys can remain together next year.  I can only speak for Darren, but I can't imagine the other coaches NOT agreeing, that he has said a dozen times or more, "I love those boys!"  I am "forced" to video record the games this year, so my photography is just not up to par the way I'd prefer to capture a game.  I try reallllly hard NOT to capture pictures of JUST MY SON, but rather all of the boys, so that I can share these photos with the parents/teammates at the end of the season. Between video recording, conversing with other fans, and watching the twins, I just cannot find a HUGE opportunity to also use the camera :(  TONIGHT was one of the few times I took pictures of Tyson ONLY and that was because the video camera died, during the last few minutes of the game, and Tyson made a huge play.  These pics were taken ALL in two plays.
 Let go of my boy's arm.
 Run Tyson, RUN...........
 They almost had him, but he slipped away.
 Not for long... tackled by the Salem team.
These two cuties where looking adorable, until they chose to roll down the hill.