Saturday, September 21, 2013

Gift Closet - Part 3

Another aspect to my gift closet... the Bins and Containers.  

Being I pre-purchase a ton of things, be it on sale or just buying ahead, I needed a secure/opaque area to hide my goods.  I spotted these colorful, polka dot bins at Target and HAD TO HAVE THEM.  I bought 10 of them.

The top two are bins are labeled...

Receipts and Returns/Exchanges
Then, being I try to be proactive, I have 6 bins with the months of the year on them. As I shop and buy things ahead of time, months in advance, I place the items in the bins.  This allows me to hide things, from family members, OR keeps me from hiding them on myself and forgetting where I put the pre- purchased stuff.  Which is quite possible these days.
A special shout out to Ashely for writing my labels out for me. OH, which by the way, I found these cute little "chalkboards" labels at JoAnn Fabrics. I purchased a chalkboard pen at Michaels. I used velcro to stick them to the bins, just incase one day, I choose to remove them.
Each of these bins have at least 1 to 10 items in them, but the items may just be for YOU, so I couldn't show you the inside of them. However, I can show you the inside of the  "November/December" bin because the items are covered up well AND because the Duck Dynasty book isn't for anyone that reads this blog.... Tyson.  Yup, Christmas is only 95 days away. I've started shopping A LITTLE bit.
If you don't know me, then you wouldn't understand why this bin is labeled "Bolling Birthdays".  I am a pretty big party planner when it comes to my children. Should I pick the theme, to their party, in advanced, I use this bin to story everything.  When 1 month before their birthday party arrives, the bin doesn't cut it.  Normally, I move everything to a bedroom.  LOL!
I think I'm doing a "Gift Closet - Part 4" for the containers.