Saturday, September 21, 2013

Gift Closet - Part 4

The final piece to my gift closet organization process is the bins.  I purchased these slightly transparent bins at the "Container Store", in Charlotte, NC.  I LOVE THEM.  I am not a fan of the super opaque bins because you have no clue what is in them, but then again, I do love them because sometimes you don't want what's in your bin to be visible (whether it be you are hiding something or whether it be you didn't organize your bin well :)
In this bin, I store 1/4 of my crafting supplies/luxuries.
Faux lemons, pom poms, string, popsicle sticks, glitter spray, rafia wreath, glue dots, paint brushes, funnels, pipe clears, buttons, beads, fabric.
You name it and it's probably in there.
In this bin, left over krinkle paper, boxes, and rafia.
Every now and then I come across a really unique looking box and I have to have it.
Most of the gift bags are from other people who have given me gifts.
I don't make a habit of picking up gift bags for no reason.
The bad part about having a closet like this is that your friends know about it :)
News Flash people... this is my gift closet and I need these items to wrap YOUR gifts. So go buy your own tissue paper and gift bags :)
 I use these jars for E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G: storing, organizing, recipes, and crafts.
In this bin right now is a few Halloween treats for my favorite little kids and ONE Christmas "Steal" purchased last year AFTER Christmas. Please, if this MAY be for you or your children, NO CLOSE peaking. :)
I'm doing my best, to be like my friend Erin, who saves and reuses things.  Practical and cost effective yes, but it can really start to overflow your storage room or your gift closet if you are not careful. I'm finding this to come in realllllly handy.  For instance, Tyson's 7th birthday was an "All Sports" party.  I saved all of his party supplies, and reused them for Darren's tailgate party last weekend.
Birthday banners, hats, blowers, decorations.
I hope you have enjoyed the 4 posts on my gift closet.  I'd have to say, this is probably my second favorite spot in the house.  I'm all about color coding and organizing.  Now that this closet is complete, every time I have walked past it today, I have had to open the doors and just stare.  LOL!