Saturday, September 21, 2013

Gift Closet - Part 2

So what's in my gift closet???  Come along a take a peak.

1. Wrapping Paper - As already mention in an earlier post, the wrapping paper is secured on a dowel rod and hung on a "cup hook".  
2.  Tissue Paper - The tissue paper is hung on a white, children's hanger.  Each hanger has a different color tissue paper on it. I saw some pretty pink hangers, but I didn't want the tissue paper to clash with a different color hanger, so I went with WHITE. 
3. Krinkle Paper - Most of this krinkle paper I buy from the Dollar Tree.  I use it mostly for basket fillers, but it comes in handy so often for other gift wrapping times. I wanted to display this krinkle paper because it is fun to look at.  The best way I knew how to display the paper was in ..... ta da.... mason jars.  The only color I'm missing is orange.  I almost didn't post about my gift closet until I had it, but after visiting 3 stores today, and coming home without it, I said, forget it.  I'm blogging this 8 month journey TODAY.
4. Embellishments - Left over from my scrapbooking days.  These do not have a ton do to with gift wrapping, but could come in handy from time to time. I purchased the lazy Susan and a few of the glass jars from the "Container Store".  The other glass jars were snagged from an old spice rack that I decided to throw out.

5. Glitter - Again, glitter doesn't have much to do with gift wrapping, but being the crafty person I am, I had it and I knew it would look pretty displayed.  I used the same lazy Susan that I used for the embellishments.

6. Ribbon - Every gift needs a little ribbon.  I have this nice collection because every time I went to Michael's Craft Store, I would just pick up a new color.
 75% of the ribbon below is from the Dollar Tree.
I spray painted an OLD, brown, paper towel holder WHITE, and organized the ribbon onto them.
7.  Gift Tags & Bows Self-explanatory :)
 I purchased those beautiful, white, storage boxes at the Container Store.
 Christmas tags (mounds of them) and Bows.
8. Greeting Cards & Miscellaneous - The miscellaneous box has assorted sized envelopes and the other box has a ton of greeting cards that I had good intentions of giving out, but failed to mail them on time. :(
9. Glue Gun, Labeler, & Colored Tape - Every single "organizer" MUST have a glue gun and a labeler.  The colored tape is just plain FUN.

10. Sharpie Markers - What better way is there than to store your colorful sharpie markers than in a jar of colored sprinkles.