Tuesday, August 27, 2013


It seems like just yesterday, I was putting my little man on the bus for his FIRST day of public school, but NOW, he's in 3rd grade! I had to pinch myself this morning to believe that 1. The Summer Is O-V-E-R and 2. That My First Born Child Is A 3rd Grader.
As I do every year, I left Tyson a few "back-to-school" goodies!!!
He had a smile from ear to ear when he saw this waiting for him!
Before we took any serious photos, we had to make light of our "saying goodbyes"!!!
"Is it just me or does it seem like mom is a little too excited about the first day of school?"
 Ty holds on to the door for dear life.
"Please..... don't make me go back to school!"
This photo was ACTUALLY a serious photo.  NOT posed. Tyson was over the picture taking and was pouting about more photos, but it's another comical photo.  He said, "Mom, you are a picture queen!"
And here's my sweet 3rd grader.  He got up at 3:30 am this morning.  First, his hamster was "running too fast" and he had to move his cage to the bathroom.  At 4:30 am, his "tummy hurt".  At 5:00 am it was "I can't fall back asleep."  So I prayed with him and over him and he was able to fall back asleep until 6:15 am.  Here was was his a.m. schedule for people like Ashely, who care...

6:15 am -   Shower
6:30 am -   Breakfast/Devotional
6:50 am -   Photos
7:10 am -   Off to the Bus Stop
11:30 am - Lunch  
2:40 pm -   Home
5:30 pm -   Football
7:45 pm -   Dinner
8:15 pm -   Shower
8:45 pm-    Prayers and Lights Out

Here is his spiffy book bag and water bottle.  I allowed him to choose what HE wanted.  That's also why he is NOT dressed up in a collared shirt and "fancy" shorts.  It's all about the "comfy" clothes.  And for Tyson, it's ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL about Lebron James.  He was dressed from head to toe with Lebron attire.  He even has a Lebron James lunch box, but it didn't arrive on time :(
The bus arrived at 7:14 a.m..  I was happy to see the driver was still Ms. Robin.
 Tyson's snack today! 
I used edible markers to leave a special note on his banana.
Lunch: PBJ, Strawberry/Blueberry Blend, BBQ Chips, Powdered Donuts, Water, and a few notes of encouragement.  
"Be Respectful to Everyone!"

"Praying for you!  Asking God to make you strong!!"

I'm anxious to see and hear all about his first day of school!  I hope it's positive. AND I hope you he has NO HOMEWORK!  I'm in denial about how demanding this grade is going to be. We miss him a ton.  The house is very quiet and everyone is getting along so well :)