Monday, August 19, 2013

One, Two, Buckle My....

Today, I was counting grapes, while preparing the kids' lunches.  Lilah was in the kitchen with me, so I made a song out of my grape counting.  I'm sure you the know the song and one point she did too, but it's be a long while since I have sung it to her.  As I would start a line to the song, she would finish it. 

Here is how she finished each line....

One, Two Buckle My SHOE.
Three, Four, Shut The DOOR.
Five, Six, Pick Up YOUR TOYS.
Seven, Eight Lay Them STRAIGHT.
Nine, Ten, Let's Do It AGAIN!

I thought line #3 was adorable.  I guess she's so used to hearing mommy and daddy say that, that she forgot it was a rhyming game song.