Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tyson's "Spring" Photo + Questionnaire

I'm not sure why public school photography hasn't improved 
Since 30 years ago when I was in elementary school. 
Don't these photographers know that there are better props out there than this cheesy waterfall?
Tyson's school takes personal photos twice a year.  For some reason, we didn't get his "Spring" photos back until late May.  Being I have a 5 hour car ride home, I am NOW able to post his 2012-2013 school photo PLUS a questionnaire that his teacher gave to him in the beginning of the school year, but we didn't get to see the answers until the last day of school.   He claims this is why mashbutadoes mashed potatoes is spelled wrong.  I thought about typing out the answers, but reading them, with his hand writing, to me, was more entertaining!