Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Anniversary!!!!!

While in Myrtle Beach, Darren and I celebrated both our 12th & 20th Anniversary.  It was the perfect place to celebrate since we were married on a beach.  We did have the kids with us, so we celebrated with them, but Darren took me to my favorite restaurant at Myrtle to ring in a new year of marriage... RIOZ Brazilian Steakhouse.  I surprised him with a Michael Kors watch and a new Willow Tree figurine called, "You & Me - Everyday Building On Our Love".  I have a really special gift that I'm working on for him and hopefully I will be able to present it to him before the month of JUNE is up.  Things have just been a tad busy!  
I thought it would be cute to do a little post about US.  I was even able to convince Darren to help me create this post.  If you've NEVER done this with your husband, I suggest doing it.  It created good conversation.  There were a few things I left out.  I think they were borderline inappropriate.  AND there were a TON more things I could have added under "what I love about Darren", but I didn't think you'd be willing to read the ENTIRE list :)

We are.... 

Our Likes/Similarities
Darren and Kristin Bolling
Married 12 years. (Wedding Date June 8, 2001)
Together 20 years. (Started Dating June 12, 1993)
High School Sweethearts.
Virginia Tech Graduates.
Sinners Saved By Grace.
Parents to (3) Beautiful Children.
Organized & Clean.
Physically Fit.
Coffee Lovers.
We work hand in hand as team players.
Our Differences
Darren goes to bed early/ I could be a night owl or an early bird.
Our body temperatures are ALWAYS different.
Darren is a comedian./ I'm serious.
Darren is a saver./I'm a spender (but I'm getting better).
Darren would prefer a beer./I'd prefer an ice cream cone.

A Few Unique Facts About Us
We've been together more than HALF our lives.
We were in a long distance relationship for 2 years.
We got married in the Bahamas on Paradise Island.
We did NOT start attending church at the same time.

What I LOVE Most About Darren
His smile is gorgeous.
I love his desire to stay physically fit. It makes him more enticing :)
He empties the dishwasher for me every single morning!
He's the type of father EVERY child deserves.
He's a man who loves the Lord.
He's got a BIG heart.
He's creative and giving when picking out gifts for me.
There's no I in WE!
He is willing to shop with me.
He has an insane work ethic, well-rounded, and has much integrity.

What Darren Says He Loves About ME!
"You're a woman who loves Jesus Christ."
"You're giving."
"You're extremely attractive." (This made me blush).
"You're creative."
"You're kind hearted."
"You're often misunderstood."

He also added, "You're a good mom and a great wife!" I don't feel worthy of putting that on "the list".  I could be a BETTER mom and a GREATER wife.  

(His list is lacking.  I must have some growth to do.  He says it's simply that "less is more.")
I feel so lucky to be in this marriage built on the rock of Christ.
Often times, it's taken for granted.
I can't imagine my life with any other man

I can't imagine life WITHOUT "D" (as I like to call him.).