Friday, June 7, 2013

Tyson "Cuts" Me Out Of His Life!

Today, Tyson and I "got into it".  He really knows exactly what buttons to push. I was trying to get packed for our 1st Summer beach trip to Myrtle and well, quite frankly, he just wanted to be a lazy BUM.  I had a list of things for him to do and he didn't want to do any of it.  1. Clean out your night stand drawers.  2. Clean your hamster cage.  3. Feed your hamster.  4. Unload your book bag.  He was so unhappy about the list I created for him and he started vocalizing his unhappiness. I had had enough, so I exchanged a few words with him (yes... this really happens as early as 6 years old, he's 8.), shut the door, and told him, "Just don't come out of your room the rest of the day!"  LOL!  I knew that punishment wouldn't last, but I was satisfied knowing that he was being tortured thinking it would.  When I re-entered his room, I went to put a book on his bookshelf, and noticed something odd.  

See if you notice it...
 Do you see cardboard?  I do too!!
 This is what the photo used to look like.
And then... Tyson cut me out of his life!  I nearly DIED!  I didn't know whether to be MAD (for destroying a great photo) or LAUGH OUT LOUD (for being so mad and having the brain capacity to even think up this idea on his own.).

When I showed the photos to Darren, he laughed so hard. LOL!" Ah...... Tyson, "he loves me, he loves me NOT!!!!"