Friday, June 7, 2013

"Minute To Win It" Party Decor!

I literally planned this party in 5 days!  A SHOCK to most... I know.  Surprisingly, it all came together quite nicely.  I, personally, do NOT prefer to plan a party in 5 days. I think I actually tend to spend more and go into panic mode on a limited timeline.  I LOVE planning my parties MONTHS in advance, but to try and avoid an elaborate party and to keep this year's party far away from become a false god in my life, I only gave myself a little less than a week to fully plan.  

The party's color scheme was red, white, and blue; just perfect considering Memorial Weekend had just past and 4th of July is right around the corner.  I gathered and collected all kinds of items and I made my own "Minute To Win It" printables to help create a gameshow like atmosphere.
This party was a sleepover party, so I was excited to find a printable in red, white, and blue which read, 
"Keep Calm AND Stay Up ALL Night"

I placed it in a beautiful white frame and hung some balloons from it!

Next up, we definitely needed a gameshow room. We removed all unnecessary items from our living room, including the couch and club chairs. We added 6 black folding chairs, "Minute To Win It" signs, a score board, a few 4th of July decorations, and we downloaded, onto our television, the official "Minute To Win It" time clock.
A special thank you to my BFF Ashely, for making me the score board.  I'm obsessed with her handwriting!
The time clock was a HUGE hit, not to mention a HUGE help!  It's hard enough keeping 6 enthusiastic boys under control, never mind keeping up with when their "60 seconds" is up!  The official time clock not only counted down the time for us, but it also contained the intense music that kept the boys PSYCHED.
I reused a few items from Lilah and Jaxon's Cat In The Hat party.  I am not one to duplicate or reuse because I like each party to feel "new", but it really is wise and definitely helps cut costs.  I even framed Tyson's party invitation and used it as a party decoration.
It just so happened that the banner from Tyson's 1st Birthday party was red, white, and blue so we were able to make use of that as well.  LOVE IT when things work out like this.

As you can see, the decor was quite simple, yet really came together beautifully.