Friday, June 7, 2013

GOOD-BYE Teacher and Bus Driver Gifts!!!

Tyson and I had a few special people to thank at the end of the 2nd grade school year.  Ms. Thomsen is world class and a royal gem.  I'd pay money to allow her to be Tyson's teacher every year.  I knew I wanted to buy her something really, really, really special, but I also thought Tyson would like to do something a little sentimental.
This gift includes items that can be found around the house, but I went out and got them new incase Mrs. Thomsen desires to use them.  

1. Poster Board
2. Permanent Markers
3. Erasers
4. Highlighters
5. Extra Gum
6. Post It Notes
7. York Peppermint Pattie
8. Smarties
Begin writing a heartfelt letter.  Attach the items above onto the poster board.  These items replace the words.  Here... Tyson begins his "Dear John" letter ;)
It was a tad stressful because I only bought ONE poster board.  He did great though.  No mess ups.
The "letter" said,

"Dear Mrs. Thomsen,

I just wanted to send you a quick "note" to say how much you "meant" to me this year!!!  There are too many things to "highlight" from our two years together, but they made a "permanent mark" on me that can't be "erased". You are an "extra" special teacher and I am a "smarty" because of you!"  

Love, Ty

When I delivered it to school on Wednesday, Tyson was enthusiastic to present it to Ms. Thomsen.  I remained outside the classroom door.  Ms. Thomsen was hysterically laughing at the size of this gift when Ty walked back into the classroom. The class got really, really quiet for a few moments (she was reading the "sign") and then you could tell when she was finished reading it because the entire class laughed out loud.  One little boy even said, "That was great Ty.  Good job!"  
The store bought gift was personally picked out by Tyson for Ms. Thomsen.  We chose a pandora bracelet with a heart shaped charm and two "spacers".  It is so gorgeous in person, that I got myself thinking I would love to have one as an anniversary gift.  
Finally, we gave Ms. Thomsen a photo of Ty and her, together, as well as a dark chocolate mint bar!  Ms. Thomsen LOVES dark chocolate.
We placed the items in a "purse"-like gift bag that read, "YOU make the world a better place simply by being in it!" Boy is that so true.
Next up, a small gift for the bus driver.  It was just a simple tumbler with the words "Rejoice" on it.  YES!  Rejoice summer is here.  We also enclosed a $20 gift card to Sheetz.
I embellished it with a cardboard letter "R" for Ms. Robin and a printable that read, "Just wanted to STOP and say thanks!"  Do you get it?!?!?!?!
I wrote her a letter and in it, said this, along with the rest of the "book" I wrote:

"Thanks for steering Tyson in the right direction!!!!  It's been a treat to have a seat on your bus!  Enjoy the small gift as a token of our appreciation.  You have provided the fuel all year long for our little man, now allow us to provide a little fuel for YOU and your own vehicle."
Finally, Ms. Boyce received a "gearing up for summer" gift bag.  Filled with all kinds of summer goodies.  Ms. Boyce was Tyson's teacher for certain classes

Her note read, 

"Dr Ms. Boyce, 

All year long you worked hard to make learning fun!  SO, now it's your turn to relax in the sun."  

Love Tyson
It contained 
1. A beautiful gift bag that read, "Her children rise up and call her blessed" ~Proverbs 31:28
2.  A decorative drink cooler.
3. Crystal Lite Packets
4. Sunscreen
5. Minute Made Lemonade
6. Lemon Gum
7. Decorative Napkins
8. A "Thank YOU" $10 Target Gift Card
9. A Beach Towel
Believe it or not, this entire gift only cost $35.  I think it's an awesome gift to receive. FUN, PRACTICAL, CREATIVE, and AFFORDABLE.  I think the teachers/driver really appreciated the gifts.  

"It's better to give, then to receive."