Saturday, June 29, 2013

Swim Lessons With Miss Maddie!

Lilah and Jax started their swim lessons this week with Maddie.  Our family knows Maddie because she attends the same church as us!  The twins sometimes have "Miss Maddie" as a teacher on Sunday, so they are familiar with her.  They were anticipating their first lesson and spending time with Maddie.  She is so bubbly and extremely sweet, not to mention very experienced in the swimming pool.  I think Lilah thinks she has an older girlfriend.  She LOVES her.  
"OKAY Jax, ready?!?!? 1, 2, 3!!!
"That wasn't so bad!", Exclaimed Jax.
"SWIM!!! Push through!"
"Ready Lilah?!?!"
"I did it mommy!"
"Kick those feet!"
 h2- OHHHHH!
"Come on Lilah, you can do this!"
Lilah's facial expressions were not showing her excitement or confidence.
 Cool like a fool in a swimming pool
Relaxing in the pool.
Lilah likes to swim UNDER the water.
Jax likes to swim OVER the water.
Floating on our back (swim lesson 2) 
Kick those feet (swim lesson 2)

Both Lilah and Jax are really making progress.  Jax enjoys/prefers swimming above the water.  Lilah prefers to swim under the water.  It's funny how TWINS have different desires. We are so thankful to have Miss Maddie's help.  Hopefully their will be swimming on their own and WITH confidence VERY soon!