Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Minute To Win It "Hanky Panky" Tissue Game

The second challenge the boys entered into was called "Hanky Panky". Fortunately, the title of the game flew right over their head.  "Hanky" referred to tissues.  Here's what the boys had to do...

Using only 1 hand, pull all of the tissues out of the tissue box.  The first boy to complete this task in 60 seconds or less is the WINNER!  

Hanky Panky Tissue Challenge

The boys started with one of their hands behind their backs!
 We made this a group challenge.  
 It was a tad frustrating for them because they were so tempted to use BOTH hands.
Each tissue box contained 160 tissues in it.  
That means I had over 960 tissues all over my home. 
 Being the practical person that my mother is, 
She garbage bagged them up, and brought them home with her.  
 I would have thrown them out. LOL!
 After the challenge was over, the boys did what boys do.  
They wasted NO time fighting/wrestling/throwing tissues all over the place.  

This was certainly a fun challenge, but it just didn't compare to the "Face The Cookie" challenge.  It didn't last very long and created a paper mess!!! But, it was funny to watch all of the tissues fly all over the place.  I'm thankful the tissues were clean!!! Hehe.