Friday, June 7, 2013

"Let's Go To The Movies!"

The handsome birthday boy!  Even though his party was red, white, and blue... he wore green.  

Lisa Dolloph, aren't you proud of me that I allowed him to wear what HE wanted to wear.  LOL!
Tyson's party agenda was pretty much designed by him!  He wanted to take his buddies to the movies, come home, eat, play some "minute to win it" challenges, open gifts, eat cake, and "hang out". So... that's exactly what we did.

What good is a movie, at the movie theatre, without candy!!!! I feel deceitful for doing this, but we all know the movie theatre candy is WAY overpriced.  So, I went to the store and picked out 10 packages of candy and made each boy their own candy "bag" in a miniature popcorn carton.  
The boys were beyond thrilled to have such a nice variety of candy!
I begged them to listen to their body's and to NOT over eat if they started feeling sick.
 The car ride to and from the movies was quite interesting.  
Their topics of conversation were very entertaining.
Ty chose to see the movie "EPIC".
I tried really hard to refrain from taking too many photos. I know Ty is border line "too mature" for mom to snap all the photos that I do.
For the most part, as you can see, the boys enjoyed being in the "spot light." 

And Tyson REALLY enjoyed being in front of the camera.
I allowed the boys to be goofy in the photos.  I was willing to take whatever photos I could get.  At this age, goofiness is what they are all about anyway.
I guess that includes party guests of all ages.  
Check out GRAM's goofiness in the background..
And after the movie they did what all 8 year old boys do... played VIDEO games.