Monday, June 24, 2013

I feel the need, the need for SPEED!

Since the last race, we tried to attend, was rained out, our family was anxious to go back to the speedway to watch Zach, our brother in Christ, race.  We had the opportunity to do it V.I.P. style because another brother in Christ's work place was sponsoring a V.I.P. booth.  We arrived, ate, let the kids play on the playground, and watched the first race partially indoors, and then headed outside to watch Zach's race up close and personal.  There were 8 cars in the race Zach competed in and Zach was fortunate enough to come in 3rd.
 The Harris sons watch their daddy go round and round.
We forgot our head gear.  
You can tell who's been to the race track before and who hasn't.
Cohen exclaims, "What are you holding your ears for you WIMP!"  Haha, jk.
 Us "High Class" people aren't used to having anything aggravate our ears.  LOL!
 Zach and his crew watch the first race on top of their trailers.  
 "And THEY'RE OFF".... Zach Harris is #64
 WIFEY, Ashely, watches Zach with intensity.
 Lap #14 - Zach was in 5th place.
 Round and round they go....
 Full moon!
 Ty and Daddy watch.  Tyson was a big ball of nerves for Zach.  
He HATES to loose (Tyson, that is).
 Ty takes care of crying Caleb.
 Shut up and drive!
 #64 came in 3rd place!!!!  Zach fist pumps the air with enthusiasm.
 His fans line the fence to congratualate him.  
Because Zach won 3rd place, he got to speak after the race.  "First and foremost I thank God and my friends from West Salem Baptist church who came out to support me tonight! And of course my sponsors, Bolling Steel and Interstate Batteries."
Check it... BOLLING STEEL!
Darren & I actually sponsored Zach, but we don't need advertisement, LOL!
So... we gave credit to Bolling Steel Company (advertisement never hurts).
 Cohen ran out on the "track" (I don't know the right terminology sorry) 
Without anyone's knowledge, scared the heck out of me.
 Zach's groupies.  
 We interrupt this race to bring you back to FATHERHOOD.  
Caleb runs to love on his daddy.
Despite all of my poking fun about turning "red" or being a redneck,
The race was really exciting since we knew a driver.  
I even caught myself cheering every time someone wrecked, 
Because that put Zach closer to the #1 lead.